Premises and Product Liability Cases

An accident that happens because of damaged or dangerous property is called a “premises liability” accident. These accidents can happen inside or outside a building, residence or public property.

Premises Liability

There are many reasons why a place may be unsafe–bad design, faulty construction or materials, or poor maintenance.

Common Types of Premises Accidents Include:
• Elevator Accidents
• Slip and Fall Accidents
• Sidewalk Falls
• Drowning
• Raised Carpeting or Floor Boards
• Unsafe Building Injuries
• Negligent Security and Bar Fights
• Unsafe Conditions
• Retail and Restaurant Negligence

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Product Liability
An accident that happens because of damaged, defective or dangerous product is called a “product liability” accident. We have a right to expect that products we buy will work in a way that won’t cause injuries or sudden death. Unfortunately, it does happen far too often, and when it does, you need a legal team that will defend your rights.

Below is a list of products that when defective may lead to product liability cases and claims:
• Child safety seats
• Household products
• Recreational vehicles (ATVs, bicycles, watercraft, etc)
• Pharmaceutical and medical products
• Farm machinery and equipment
• Construction equipment
• Child care products and toys
• Food products or containers
• Garage door opener
• Snow Thrower

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